Are You Ready to Discover What Aim True Means to You?

Kathryn Budig: Aim True

Yoga teacher and inspirational speaker Kathryn Budig is known for her ability to encourage others to set their intentions and goals, no matter how lofty, and work towards them while staying true to oneself.

In Aim True, Budig extends her empowering message beyond the mat. Life is an adventure that is meant to be explored, challenged, and fully lived. The best part? When you approach life with an open mind and heart, the possibilities are endless. Allow Budig to be your guide along the journey with:

  • 6 yoga sequences to put into practice
  • A 5-day purification process
  • Over 85 recipes to seduce your inner top chef
  • An introduction to meditation
  • Homeopathic self-care + beauty recipes

Whether your goal is to love who you are right now, reshape the way you view food, develop a meditation practice, or discover new ways to embrace the great balancing act that is life, this holistic approach to yoga, diet, and mindfulness has something for you. Filled with vibrant photographs and whimsical illustrations, this guide is as beautiful as it is life-changing.

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